We’re so excited to launch our blog in 2020!

In the course of our work, we’ve come across many heartwarming stories, persistent issues and thought-provoking ideas. We wanted to create a platform where we could share this with you, so welcome to What a Relief, our official Islamic Relief blog!

These are often stories of hope and resilience from the darkest regions of our world. They are about issues that seem frustratingly easy to solve, or at least the solution seems so close. And so, we come across many brilliant souls who find innovative ways to find a solution that will help their family and community.   

Islamic Relief beneficiaries, girls in a classroom setting

Each of these stories hold many different lessons for us. Lessons of wisdom, of truth and of reconciliation. Through this blog, you can experience them together with us. 

As you read the Islamic Relief Blog, we hope you find stories that move you, inspire you, and make you think about things in a different way. It’ll also be a chance to see how things work behind the scenes, read what our staff and volunteers have to say. This blog is also where we want to have a conversation about equality, sustainability, and innovation viewed through a slightly different lens.

We talk about these issues every day in the scope of our personal lives and unique place in the world. We all know to demand equal rights for education, accessibility, and income among many other things. We all know sustainable energy is the right choice. And we also know that innovation can be one of the greatest drivers of our technologies.

Islamic Relief beneficiary in field of sunflowers

But let’s look at these issues through the eyes of people living in areas with conflict, natural disaster or political upheaval. 

How does equal opportunity for education and work for women decrease the levels of poverty for an entire country? Which sustainable techniques are the farmers in East Africa using as they struggle through ongoing drought? And how did one Syrian refugee in Canada connect with his fellow countrymen to send wheelchairs for his needs?

These conversations surrounding equality, sustainability, and innovation, which may seem so obscure to us, have life-and-death consequences for people in other parts of the world. And they are reconciling with them in beautiful ways everyday. 

Through this blog, we hope to bring you many interesting and thought-provoking pieces, as well as stories and issues that bring the impact of these big questions to life.